Top 4 animals that people hunt in Africa and why

Many people who hunt believe that they are controlling the population of the species and helping towards the conservatory efforts. But this is not true. Many studies have shown that hunting can, in fact, lead to overpopulation and can make the ecosystem unbalanced. Here are some wild animals that are often hunted.


You can find hippopotamus in the rivers and lakes of Africa. They spend 16 hours a day submerged in water. There is the practice of unregulated hunting for the meat and ivory of hippopotamus. People spend a lot of money in hunting.

Great White Shark

They are hunted for their fins. Every year about one million sharks is caught just in cutting off fins. They are then thrown back into the water. These fins are used to make shark fin soup that has healing qualities in some countries. This inhuman practice of fin cutting has led to the death of many sharks as they either drown or are eaten by the other marine animals. They are often hunted for sports. In many countries, hunting of this water animal is banned.

African Lion

It is becoming an endangered animal. Their population has been cut in half since the ‘50s. Still, it’s legal to sport hunt these species for trophy prizes. The process of canned hunting is very popular. Some lions are purchased and taken to the game ranches. They are then trapped in a confined area. It guarantees a kill for the paying customer.

African Elephant

The population of both these animals has decreased. The demand for ivory is high, so the elephant tusks are in high demand. On safari, the professional trackers sometimes join the hunters to kill these animals from close range.

Hunting is one of the leading reasons for extinction. Many species were lost due to hunting. So, hunting of endangered animals must be reduced, and the African government must have strict regulations in place for it.