Best FPS Monitor

As hunters we love guns, and many of us also love to play First Person Shooters on our computers. Choosing the best FPS Gaming monitor can be a minefield, especially if you are not a “techie” as the various different specifications each monitor has such as screen resolution, response time, refresh rate, panel type, screen size, input lag and much more can be really confusing.  That is why we will go through some of this specifications in simple words and try to guide you in your quest of finding the best FPS monitor. Whether you are a hardened professional gamer or just a casual player, the hardware that you use, can and will affect your performance. If you have a underperforming FPS gaming mouse, keyboard or monitor, it will hold back your gameplay.

Monitor size and resolution

Here the rule the bigger, the better is completely valid. There are great 27 inch wide, quad high-definition monitors available that also offer resolution of 2.560 by 1.440 pixels. We all know that the more the pixels, the better the quality of the image. However, if desk space is something you need to have in mind, then you are better off with the regular 24 inch monitor, that unfortunately, can offer only 1.920 by 1.080 pixels of resolution, but it is still a good number for gaming purposes and doesn’t require big and expensive graphics engine.

Of course, if you have the money and the space you can equip yourself with the most recent in monitors – 34 inch curved ultra-wide ones. The size and the curved shape of the monitor put you right in the center of the action, but as we said space and money might be a drawback.

Operating technology

There are three types of technology used when it comes to the making of a monitor and each one of them has its pros and cons. We will not go into details about all of them, but will mention the Twisted Nematic (TN) technology. Although the colour quality from different viewing angles can be improved, the monitors equipped with a TN technology are quite popular amongst gamers, as they have fast refresh rates and pixel response, which is crucial especially when it comes to first-player shooter games. IPS(In-Plane Switching) technology is a great option when looking for a gaming monitor. It offers the best colour quality although the pixel response time is a bit lower compared to TN monitors.

Pixel Response and Refresh rates

As we have already said the TN technology offers the fastest refresh rates and pixel response in a gaming monitor, but how do you know that they are actually fast?

The pixel response is measured in milliseconds (ms) and the gaming monitors that are currently offered on the market use the so called gray-to-gray scale. In this scale, fast pixel response would be 4ms and 2ms or less would be just superb for FPS games.

The refresh rates are measured in hertz (Hz) and it actually defines how many times per second the screen has been refreshed. When it comes to fast pace games, like FPS games you would be better off looking at monitors with 120Hz in their specifications.

Input lag

A very simple and accurate description of this term is the time it takes from starting an action to performing it, or in other words the time it takes the movement that you have done with a mouse, for instance, to be seen at the screen. This time is measured in milliseconds, as well and although it depends on your peripherals too, for a good gaming monitor rates under 15ms would be required.

G-sync and FreeSync

When looking for the best FPS monitor, this is another specification you need to have in mind. G-sync and FreeSync are synchronization technologies made by Nvidia and AMD respectively, that eliminate screen tearing and give you a smooth gaming performance especially in fast paced games. So which one you go for? Easy, just choose the one that will match your CPU specifications.

Video and audio inputs

Pretty clear here, that you need HDMI and USB ports and as many as possible, so that you can build your perfect hardware equipment.

There are also features like backlighting and stand that tilts that might be good to look at when choosing the gaming monitor that is right for you.

Here is our top pick as a best FPS monitor:

Acer Predator XB271HK

The Acer Predator XB271HK is a monstrous ultra-wide 34 inch gaming monitor with a curved shape that gives you the best immersive feeling. The IPS technology used delivers crisp colours and images and the Nvidia’s G-Sync eliminates all screen tearing.

The impressive images are also defined by the UWQHD (Ultra-wide quad high-definition) resolution.

Talking about resolution, the Acer Predator XB271HK has one of the impressive 3.440 by 1.440 pixels and a 21:9 aspect ratio.

One particular feature, that stands out and makes it the best FPS monitor is the X34’s Aim Point that offers three different aiming targets.

The default refresh rate is set to 75Hz, but you can change it to 100Hz. There are actually quite a lot of things you can customize, from the usual screen settings, to the backlighting colours and even the position of the monitor.

The Acer Predator XB271HK is an expensive option, but if you have already invested in a great gaming system, then you would need a gaming monitor like this to be able to enjoy it and take the most of your gaming sessions. The performance that the Acer Predator XB271HK can deliver is amazing and it is really worth the investment.

4 reasons why you should go hunting for at least once in your lifetime

Hunting is a practice that has been carried out since the primitive times. Back then people used to hunt for food. Now they hunt for fun. Here are the reasons why you must go on hunting at least once.

Get connected with your food

When anyone asks where you got the meat you just cooked, you would probably reply that it’s from the grocery store. But that’s now the correct answer.  This is how we are getting disconnected with our food. We don’t realise that the lamb roast you are eating was a living thing. This will make us more cautious about killing animals.

Develop skills and knowledge

You will develop skills and knowledge by learning to hunt. You will not only develop the skill of shooting from a distance, but you will learn other things as well. The preys can sense things and save them from being killed. For example, deer can smell and hear well, but they have limited vision. Different animals have different abilities. You will learn about these.

Get closer to nature

When you go hunting, you can leave all your electronic gadgets and stress at home and get closer to nature. You will breathe fresh air and be within nature for some time.

You become more patience

Hunting is a test of patience. Most of the time you need to sit in a tree or walk slowly through the woods. As a hunter, you should be aware of your surroundings continuously. You need to be mentally strong to wait for hours before you can hunt finally.

The modern methods of hunting are different from those of the prehistoric hunting. There are guides to help you in hunting. So, you won’t find it stressful to try hunting at least once in your lifetime. The excitement of hunting is something beyond you can imagine.

Top 4 animals that people hunt in Africa and why

Many people who hunt believe that they are controlling the population of the species and helping towards the conservatory efforts. But this is not true. Many studies have shown that hunting can, in fact, lead to overpopulation and can make the ecosystem unbalanced. Here are some wild animals that are often hunted.


You can find hippopotamus in the rivers and lakes of Africa. They spend 16 hours a day submerged in water. There is the practice of unregulated hunting for the meat and ivory of hippopotamus. People spend a lot of money in hunting.

Great White Shark

They are hunted for their fins. Every year about one million sharks is caught just in cutting off fins. They are then thrown back into the water. These fins are used to make shark fin soup that has healing qualities in some countries. This inhuman practice of fin cutting has led to the death of many sharks as they either drown or are eaten by the other marine animals. They are often hunted for sports. In many countries, hunting of this water animal is banned.

African Lion

It is becoming an endangered animal. Their population has been cut in half since the ‘50s. Still, it’s legal to sport hunt these species for trophy prizes. The process of canned hunting is very popular. Some lions are purchased and taken to the game ranches. They are then trapped in a confined area. It guarantees a kill for the paying customer.

African Elephant

The population of both these animals has decreased. The demand for ivory is high, so the elephant tusks are in high demand. On safari, the professional trackers sometimes join the hunters to kill these animals from close range.

Hunting is one of the leading reasons for extinction. Many species were lost due to hunting. So, hunting of endangered animals must be reduced, and the African government must have strict regulations in place for it.

5 reasons why trophy hunting in Africa should be stopped

Trophy hunting in Africa has been practised for a long time. The trophy hunters believe that they are helping preserve some species. They spend a lot of money on trophy hunting, and the money goes towards the conservation efforts. But many people are arguing against the practice of trophy hunting. Here are the reasons why trophy hunting in Africa must be stopped.

  • Trophy hunting is a threat to the survival of some of the species. For example, African Elephant. The population of African Elephant has declined considerably due to trophy hunting.
  • The trophy hunters claim that the money they pay goes towards conservation efforts. But this cannot be guaranteed. In some instances the amount that is given for conservation purposes is negligible.
  • In trophy hunting, the most endangered species are hunted. This is done only for the pleasure and pride of killing an animal so that you can take the trophy to display at home. This is somewhat unethical.
  • Because of the practice of trophy hunting, the hunting reserves in Africa have fences that fragment the habitats and stop the natural immigration for the animals.
  • The younger generation has a different view about trophy hunting. They don’t find a lion’s head on display to be something great.

We should work towards protecting our environment and not destroying them. So, trophy hunting should be stopped, and we must take measures to protect the endangered animals.